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Recent Articles

How to Choose the Best Survival Knife.

Busse ASH1 by Andy BeckOne of the most important and versatile pieces of equipment you can carry with you while venturing into the outdoors is a survival knife.  Choosing the right knife can make a huge impact on your survival.  With a good knife you can create other tools, build traps, cut and prepare food, prepare raw material, hunt, build shelters, etc.  The list could be endless for such an age old simple tool.  Read this article »

Useful Fishing Knots.

A few basic fishing knots that can be applied to most basic fishing situations and to the survival mini fishing kit are as follows:

Note: The hook shown on the left is tied with the Uni-Knot.

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Mini Survival Fishing Kit

This is how to make a great mini fishing kit that will fit into small survival kit. It can be made using commonly available materials and basic hand tools. This fishing rig can be successfully used straight from the kit without modification or requiring addition components, while still fitting in the minimal of spaces and remaining versatile enough for just about any fishing situation.

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How to make a Tinder-Quik (Quick) substitute

Tinder Quick substitute By Andy BeckA handy and efficient cotton wool based tinder to help start camping fires is the ‘Tinder-Quik’ (or Tinder-Quick) brand.  It’s compact, light weight, waterproof and relatively inexpensive. However, it may be difficult to purchase these in some parts of this world.  So if you need an alternative here’s how to make your own Tinder Quik substitute for your survival kit.
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